Teenage Hustlings

I've been working it since I was fourteen.

save me from your dirty dealings
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Hi, I'm teenage_hustler; a name derived from that fantastic song from the legendary musician Tori Amos.
I have many loves, the biggest of which being the Japanese language, which I study along with Linguistics at University.
My other main love is performing, which I do mainly by acting. I also play a french horn and have been known to do improvisational comedy routines.
When I'm not speaking in Japanese or making an arse of myself in front of the unfortunate people that have chosen to watch me, I love to write and draw, and am working on writing and illustrating my own series, The Original St Barnaby's Academy. When my own characters aren't inspiring me I write Harry Potter fanfic, draw Harry Potter fanart and draw random comics about my family, friends and pets.
There's more to me, but I'll spare you it. Much love <3